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    Laser/Rotary engravable plastic sheet
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    UV printing Aluminum sheet
    Cast Acrylic sheet
    Laser rubber sheet

Today, Longstar is the global market leader for hard surface Sublimatable products in the SIGN industry. Now, our products have been exported to more than 60 countries, and we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with about 500 customers.

We believe, in everywhere of the world, you may find Longstar Sublimation products. Maybe some inserts on the trophies and awards, plaques on the wall, instruction plates in the business center......

BrightSUB is a brand for our ordinary Sublimation Aluminum sheet. After more than ten years of experience and continuous improvement, we have 0.2~1.0mm thickness and the most complete color range (more than 30 different colors & finishes) like satin silver, satin gold, satin copper and satin champagne, brushed silver, brushed gold, brushed copper and brushed stainless steel, titanium silver and titanium gold, pearlized silver, pearlized gold, and pearlized white, mirror silver, mirror gold and mirror champagne, gloss white and matte white, double-sided bright silver, sparkle silver, etc. Whether it is the blank sheet before transfer or the printing effect after transfer, you will find that our products have the most stable quality and higher transfer rate after comparison.

We never stop developing and adding new offerings to our product line.

BEAUTYSUB is the brand of our HD (High Definition) Sublimation Aluminum and MDF, both of them are coated with an eco-friendly coating in our own factory. We not only supply blank sheets but also provide cutting and processing services. Our HD Aluminum gives an extremely vivid, luminescent 3D appearance that makes your photo literally pop off the surface. The surface after transfer is very clean and has almost no defects. At present, we are the only manufacturer in China that produces this kind of HD products.


Beautylic is the brand of our 5mm and 20mm Sublimation Acrylic, both of them are coated with an eco-friendly white coating in our own factory. 
We not only supply blank sheets but also provide cutting and processing services.

LaserBright is the brand of our laser engraving Aluminum sheet. When you use a CO2 laser to engrave, it'll change to another color. Now we have 18 different colors & finishes to choose from. This product has metallic surface and texture, which is obviously different from plastic materials. It can be used outdoors. At present, we are also the only manufacturer in China that produces this kind of product.

BrightUV is the brand of our UV printing Aluminum sheet. We have been producing this product since 2018. At present, it is welcomed and recognized by foreign customers. The coating of our UV printed aluminum plate is particularly resistant to scratches and has a strong absorption force for UV inks. The printed pattern is firm and will never fall off. It also can be used outdoors.

To serve the new and small customers better, we also offer sublimation accessories to realize one-stop-solution. Longstar markets primarily through our online catalog as well as standard sample parcel.

Working with Longstar will guarantee you quality product, competitive price, and high efficient service continuously.


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